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Who We Are

get that tan....SAFELY

Our passion is SAFE tanning.

Its really as simple as it sounds......sunbeds aren't.

I was an aggressive sunbed user from my mid teens all the way up until my early 30s......that's when I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer.

since that moment I have made it my lifelong mission to protect my skin at all costs and protect the next generation from the same dangers I allowed myself to be exposed to.

My father passed away from the exact same disease so this has been my driving force in changing how we all protect our skin.

I've designed this tan with the intention of helping EVERYONE achieve that perfect tan without any risk anybody.....even animals.

Our tan is NOT tested on animals and is also vegan friendly so there is no questioning if this is the most suitable tan for you.

Most importantly.......its 100% safe for your skin. 


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