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"Absolutely the best tan I’ve EVER used!! I will 100% be buying again" :)


I am committed to helping you get the ultimate tan the safe way.

I have used and tested all of my products so I could find something that not only I love, but I know you are gonna love too! 

Mrs. C


"Nothing a fake tan can’t fix”

Products Available

Tanning Mousse

This unique formula contains an instant bronzer to give an immediate healthy glow whilst a wonderfully natural looking tan develops over a few hours. 

That's not to mention the amazing baby powder smell.


Tanning Mitt

The perfect mitt to help you apply the perfect tan. 

The mitt is amazing at helping to get an even tan all over.

It also comes with a small finger mitt to make it even easier to apply to your face or other small areas that might be tricky using a normal tanning mitt.

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This tan was the easiest and smoothest to apply and the baby powder smell is incredible! Usually my tan goes very patchy and flakey after about 2/3 days but this lasted perfectly for 7 days! I’ve never had tan last that long without topping up. The mitt is super soft making it a smooth application with zero streaks and a handy face/hand mini mitt meant my hands weren’t orange and blended well. Literally incredible could not recommend enough ❤️❤️


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